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Join TechEdology for our AT Brunch event in Cambridge on 16th May. This free, half-day event is the perfect opportunity to learn about fantastic AT and how it can be used in education and the workplace, as well as network with like-minded professionals. We want to bring the AT community together!

Expect snappy group presentations from AT Specialists, with the opportunity to visit their individual app stations for 1-1 demos and discussions. Scan presenter's QR codes to connect on LinkedIn, plus share your LinkedIn with us when booking and we will add your personalised QR code to your delegate badge for you to share.

Midway through the morning, brunch will be provided for all attendees, plus plenty of teas and coffee throughout.

Book now for:

Free CPD to help you provide the best support for your students and staff

20-minute group presentations from assistive technology specialists, covering a wide range of topics

Connect with presenters and others in your group using LinkedIn QR codes

Refreshments and brunch provided

Freebies from the presenting AT companies

An accessible event

Carbon offsetting for all delegates and exhibitors travelling to attend

Discover Assistive Technology


The latest from Glean

Join us as we showcase three exciting features that have been rolled out so far this year in Glean.
Glean Notes + Captions brings live captions to Glean, making classes even more accessible for those with hearing impairments.

Quiz Me generates multiple-choice questions to test a user's knowledge of their recorded content. This makes learning more efficient and increases the user's confidence that they can recall that information when it really matters.

Scribble is our newest feature and supports handwritten notes, especially useful for STEM subjects and equations.
Join us to see these wonderful additions to Glean in action, as well as all the fundamentals that make Glean such a great note taking solution.


NEW: Inspiration 11 is here!

Engineered for users with neuro differences and cognitive challenges, Inspiration is truly a lifelong tool that users employ in study, work and their personal lives. Inspiration helps users to overcome critical thinking, organisational, memory, communication and writing challenges.

In this session, you’ll get a look at the brand-new Inspiration 11, including many updates users have specifically asked us for. Check out our new theming feature, symbols library and more.


All-in-One AT Toolbar for Chrome & Course
Specific Vocabularies for Microsoft & Dragon

Spellex's presentation will cover AT products and course specific vocabularies that provide basic literacy help for neurodiverse students and professionals. Plus an overview of the speech and spelling vocabularies for nursing, medicine, science, engineering, and law, as well as a complete demo of new enhancements to Spellex Write-Assist, their all-in-one AT Toolbar. Spellex Write-Assist now integrates with Google Chrome and includes speech-to-text, text-to-speech,
definitions and pronunciations, advanced British spelling and error reporting, screen masking, dyslexic type font, picture dictionary, image-to-text, and more.

Dragon eLearning Solution

Train your Dragon!

This session will demonstrate some of the key features of Dragon showing how they can help DSA students and people in the workplace, and then look at how the Dragon eLearningSolution can reinforce this knowledge. I will also be looking at creating custom voice commands.

Pro-AT Group

Pro-AT Group presents our latest Assistive technology solution Pro-Revise

Pro-Revise is your ultimate revision companion that provides more than 10 different engaging methods to cater to your individual learning style and preferences.
Developed in response to students' demands for more personalised and diverse study methods, Pro-Revise offers an array of multi-modal revision methods including:
- Cornell notes
- Flashcards
- Concentration
- fill-in-the-blanks
- and many more!
Come join us for a full overview of the software!

pro-at group

Event venue - Cambridge

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

East Rd