Assistive Technology Speed Date

We have eight fantastic assistive technology suppliers lined up to showcase their solutions to you. During speedy 20-minute sessions, you'll gain an understanding of how each assistive technology can be used, for time-efficient CPD from your computer screen. Check out the presentations below.

  • Thursday 25th April
  • 9:30 - 13:10 BST
  • Online, free to attend
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Booost Education

Optimising student performance through the use of our applications; Booost and Luna

Find out how students can optimise their performance by using our applications, Booost and Luna. With Booost, students can Organise their time, Optimise tasks, and Overcome problems with ease. The app also provides wellbeing support to ensure students can manage their studies, prioritise tasks and stay focused.

Luna, on the other hand, helps you learn smarter, one card at a time. This AI-powered app is versatile and converts study materials into flashcards, allowing users to retain information quickly and effectively. With evidence-based techniques, Luna can be integrated into studies, help students consolidate information, and revise effectively for exams.


TalkType and Caption.Ed - highly accurate dictation, captioning and note-taking software.

CareScribe is an award-winning assistive technology company based in Bristol, UK. Building technology which levels the playing field and helps people access the world. CareScribe’s products are used by tens of thousands of people in both education and the workplace.

Attendees will be introduced to Caption.Ed, a live-captioning, transcription, and note-taking software. As well as TalkType, a highly accurate, multi-platform dictation software. This presentation will be an easy-to-digest and interactive session on all the newest developments and essential updates that help support users academically and professionally.


KAZ's Specialised Touch Typing Software

Find out how learning the fundamental skill of touch typing can free the conscious mind, remove a barrier to learning and boost productivity, efficiency and confidence in neurodivergent, hearing and visually impaired students.

Watch a quick overview of the course and its specialised features, accommodating cognitive limitations, visual disturbances and short memory.

Learn about KAZ’s new VI option, developed with help and guidance from the Thomas Pocklington Trust and incorporated into the course for free. (Compatible with JAWS and most other screen readers, captioning and magnification software).


What’s new in Glean: our three latest features

Join us as we showcase not one, not two, but three exciting new Glean features that have been rolled out within the last few months!

  • Glean Notes + Captions brings live captions to Glean, making classes even more accessible for those with hearing impairments.
  • Quiz Me generates multiple-choice questions to test a user's knowledge of their recorded content. This makes learning more efficient and increases the user's confidence that they can recall that information when it really matters.
  • Scribble is our newest feature and supports handwritten notes, especially useful for STEM subjects and equations.

Join us to see these wonderful additions to Glean in action, as well as all the fundamentals that make Glean such a great note taking solution.


Exciting news! Inspiration 11 is here, take a first look.

Inspiration 11 is here and in this session we will provide a first look at the brand new version, including many updates users have specifically asked us for. Plus, we will give examples of how users employ Inspiration in study, work and in their personal life.

Simple to use, but powerful in the impact it has on users, Inspiration is the ideal visual thinking tool for helping individuals with neurodifferences and cognitive challenges to capture and organise ideas, build comprehension, retain information and support the writing process.

Brain In Hand

Helping students succeed in education

Brain in Hand is a digital self-management support system combining human and digital support for students who need help remembering things, making decisions, planning, or managing anxiety. Improving the lives of students with anxiety-related mental health difficulties and neurological difference.


How VoxAid AT Edition (the Dragon Professional add-in) enhances your voice control of assistive technology software.

See how ASPA Media provides Assistive Solutions for personal achievement.

Learning Labs

Unlocking a decade of discovery: The evolution of Learning Labs and what awaits in the next chapter

The first ever e-learning portal for assistive technology launched ten years ago and after a decade supporting DSA students Learning Labs is evolving to support people using assistive technology everywhere. Learning Labs Content Team Leader, Richard Keeling, and Brand Ambassador, Rachel Chalk, will explore how this specialist elearning portal helps people get the most out of their assistive technology with over 4,000 AT Labs, plus mental wellness and study and careers skills Labs. You are welcome to have your phone or tablet device out at this session as we share fun and interactive quiz-style questions throughout, enabling you to join a live discussion anonymously.

Please note: This is a live-only event and recordings will not be available.