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Event Overview

10:00am - eQuality Solutions Disability Support

How do high-quality psychological assessments lead to high-quality Non-Medical Help support?

Join The Educational Guidance Service’s (EGS) Operations Director, Jane Goldthorpe, as she explores what is involved in a high-quality psychological assessment for neurodiversity, such as SpLDs. Jane will walk us through the entire psychological assessment process. You’ll learn how and why students are referred to EGS for an assessment and how a report from EGS can lead to accessing bespoke support through the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). Jane will also talk about the difficulties students might identify before the assessment, as well as how these are addressed during the assessment.

eQS Head of Operations, Natasha Hardiman, will then showcase a series of three real-life student case studies. These will explore the services and resources recommended to each DSA student, their individual circumstances and how the Non-Medical Help (NMH) support professional was able to help maximise the student's retention and attainment thanks to the information gathered during the psychological assessments.

12:00pm - Inspiration

Exciting News! Inspiration 11 is coming… take a first look.

Inspiration 11 is coming in Spring 2024 and in this session we will provide a first look at the brand new version, including many updates users have specifically asked us for. Plus, we will give examples of how users employ Inspiration in study, work and in their personal life.

Simple to use, but powerful in the impact it has on users, Inspiration is the ideal visual thinking tool for helping individuals with neurodifferences and cognitive challenges to capture and organise ideas, build comprehension, retain information and support the writing process.

10:00am - Brain in Hand

Helping students thrive in Education

The best of digital and human support.
Learn more about our dedicated coaches - who will help students develop self-awareness and build greater independence, and how ongoing coaching helps to maintain students' motivation and learn how to prevent escalation in anxiety. Discover more about our in-the-moment human support, plus our digital tools and app that is designed to be individualised to each student's needs.
Brain in Hand can be funded by DSA or can be purchased directly. Bulk licenses are available for Universities and Colleges.

12:00pm - KAZ Type

How transformative typing can boost productivity, efficiency & confidence in neurodivergent and visually impaired students.

Learning to touch type isn't merely about typing speed - it's a gateway for students to amplify their productivity and deliver articulate responses in assignments and exams. The absence of this fundamental skill for neurodivergent students often results in responses that merely scratch the surface, leaving thoughts unsaid. Discover how learning to touch type can free the conscious mind, remove a barrier to learning and empower students to articulate thoughts effectively, bridging the gap between 'just enough' and detailed insights.

Watch a demonstration on how the course works and learn about its specialised features addressing cognitive limitations, visual disturbances and short memory.

Learn about KAZ’s new VI option, developed with help and guidance from the Thomas Pocklington Trust and incorporated into the course for free.

10:00am - Glean

Live captions have come to Glean! Get a first-hand look at Glean’s latest version,
Glean Notes + Captions!

Live captions within Glean make meetings and lectures even more accessible for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or struggle with processing in-the-moment spoken information, empowering individuals to retain more information and feel more confident. In addition to live captions, we will go through all the core features within Glean so you will see how you can record lectures or meetings in full, import slides and images, annotate key moments with text and labels, assign tasks, listen back at your own pace and transcribe recordings into text to create a complete set of multimedia notes tailored to you. See you there!

12:00pm - Find My Flow

Supercharging Student Learning: Course-Long Support with FindMyFlow v3

Learn how FindMyFlow empowers students to put their recommended AT into action and tackle any study task with confidence – wherever and however late they get started!
Tailored learning paths, bite-sized tutorials, and reflective practice guide students along a personalised journey at their own pace. With expert wellbeing strategies from Calm, and collaborative tutoring features, FindMyFlow offers course-long support that helps students to learn, reflect, grow - and find their flow!
Our Product Engagement Manager – Lucy – will guide you through a multi-device demo and Q&A.

10:00am - CareScribe

TalkType and Caption.Ed - highly-accurate dictation, captioning and note-taking software.

CareScribe is an award-winning assistive technology company based in Bristol, UK. Building technology which levels the playing field and helps people access the world. CareScribe’s products are used by tens of thousands of people in both education and the workplace. Attendees will be introduced to Caption.Ed, a live-captioning, transcription, and note-taking software. As well as TalkType, a highly accurate, multi-platform dictation software. This presentation will be an easy-to-digest and interactive session on all the newest developments and essential updates that help support users academically and professionally.

12:00pm - Scholarcy

Read Smarter

Our mission here at Scholarcy is to democratise knowledge, by helping you to learn more while reading smarter.
We've developed AI-powered tools that turn research papers, reports and book chapters into interactive summary flashcards, simplifying the process of reading and consuming research.
Scholarcy extracts tables and data, figures as downloadable images, and gives you the key highlights, helping you to speed-read the paper, follow the arguments and take away the main points.

10:00am - Dragon eLearning Solution

Training your Dragon!

This session will demonstrate some of the key features of Dragon showing how they can help DSA students and people in the workplace, and then look at how the Dragon eLearning Solution can reinforce this knowledge whenever required. I will also be looking at creating custom voice commands and showing the Inspiration Dragon Edition.

12:00pm - Booost Education

Booost & Luna: Helping students get the most from their education

Attendees will receive a demonstration of Booost and Luna, and the ways in which they are making education more accessible. Booost is a time management and wellbeing app, designed to help students build the skills they need to organise themselves throughout school and university. Luna is a learning tool, combining cutting-edge AI with time-tested learning theories to provide an easy-to-use but highly effective way to study. As well as seeing both products in action, attendees will have the chance to ask any questions that they might have.

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