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TechEdology AT Brunch - Liverpool and Belfast

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TechEdology are bringing the Assistive Technology Brunch to Belfast and Liverpool in November. This free, half-day event is the perfect opportunity to learn about fantastic AT and how it can be used in education and the workplace, as well as network with like-minded professionals. We want to bring the AT community together!

Expect snappy group presentations from AT Specialists, with the opportunity to visit their individual app stations for 1-1 demos and discussions. Scan presenter's QR codes to connect on LinkedIn, plus share your LinkedIn with us when booking and we will add your personalised QR code to your delegate badge for you to share.

Midway through the morning, brunch will be provided for all attendees, plus plenty of teas and coffee throughout.

Liverpool, Radisson Blu Hotel: Wednesday 22nd November, 9:00 - 12:30 GMT.

Belfast, Europa Hotel: Thursday 23rd November, 9:00 - 12:30 GMT.

Book now for:

Free CPD to help you provide the best support for your students and staff

20-minute group presentations from assistive technology specialists, covering a wide range of topics

Connect with presenters and others in your group using LinkedIn QR codes

Refreshments and brunch provided

Freebies from the presenting AT companies

An accessible event for those with hearing, sight or physical disabilities

Carbon offsetting for all delegates and exhibitors travelling to attend

Discover Assistive Technology

Brain in Hand

📍 Liverpool

Helping students succeed in education

Brain in Hand is a digital self-management support system combining human and digital support for students who need help remembering things, making decisions, planning, or managing anxiety. Improving the lives of students with anxiety-related mental health difficulties and neurological difference.

Booost Education

📍 Liverpool and Belfast

Luna - learn smarter, one card at a time.

We'll be demonstrating our new product, Luna, to show how it can help students learn better. Luna uses AI to create digital flashcards from text, and then provides theory-backed learning schedules tailored to the user. It can be used with anything from textbooks and articles to the student's own notes. During the presentation we'll give a demo of how easy it is to create flashcards with Luna, and then there'll be the chance to ask questions and get a licence for yourself.


📍 Liverpool


Caption.Ed and TalkType are used by thousands of people in education and the workplace. And the team will be with us to show you how this captioning, note-taking and dictation software can benefit individuals with neurodiversities and a wide range of disabilities such as hearing loss, reduced mobility and mental health conditions.

Diversity and Ability

📍 Liverpool and Belfast

AXS Passport: Creating a Future Everyone can Access

Introducing Diversity and Ability's AXS Passport. AXS Passport is a new, digital tool for sharing accessibility and inclusion requirements, built by lived experience for everyone to access. We will demonstrate how AXS can be used to enable individuals and organisations to feel belonging in action.


📍 Liverpool and Belfast

The #1 DSA note taking solution has got even better: What is New?

In this presentation we will showcase the recent feature improvements to Glean’s Transcription tool, as well as new functionality that allows users to:

  • Add due dates to tasks created in Glean
  • Turn on Dark Mode in our Glean web platform - no plugins required!
  • Delete or replace slides

You’ll also see in the demonstration why Glean is so unique as a note taking solution:

  • True offline capabilities
  • Annotations and notes are added precisely where it is spoken in the recording, making navigation quick and easy
  • Notes are organised by each presentation slide


📍 Liverpool and Belfast

New to Inspiration 10: Automatically create Inspiration diagrams from any Word or PowerPoint document

The Inspiration Maps Generator is a simple 3-step online service that will allow users to take the content from any Word or PowerPoint document and effortlessly create an Inspiration diagram from it.

In this presentation, see this new tool in action, as well as how Inspiration 10 allows users to then process, spatially re-organise and synthesize the content in a non-linear and creative way; great for research and note taking.

Inspiration - Dragon Edition

📍 Belfast

Inspiration - Dragon Edition

Inspiration Dragon Edition is optimised for users of Dragon Professional, making it super easy to use speech commands to create and edit visual diagrams and outlines with ease.

With this solution, users can control Inspiration and compose text using natural speech commands, rather than having to remember specific keyboard commands.

Neil Sleight from Top Class Computers will demonstrate this edition, as well as showcase his Dragon eLearning course.

Event venue - Liverpool

Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool - Kings Suite

107 Old Hall Street


L3 9BD


Event venue - Belfast

Europa Hotel Belfast - Exhibition Centre

Great Victoria Street